steel supplies

metal roofing + flashings

Roofing | Pacific Steel Supplies,
makes all types of steel sheeting for
metal roofing including:
zincalume 0.4
zincalume 0.55
prepainted 0.55

PSS also has the full colorbond color
chart in stock with cyclone screw &
assembly to suit your needs.
We also offer different types of roofing
sheet profiles: trimedek & corrugated.

Flashing | Pacific Steel Supplies
produce all types of flashing and
ridging to suit any design required
for tropical use, up to 6.5 meters in

Guttering | We manufacture all types
of colorbond guttering with invisible
hooks, and we supply all hardware
and adhesives needed for installation.

steel construction

Gates | All our gates are custom made
to suit all needs and tastes and they are
made of the material you choose. Steel,
alluminium, stainless steel, bras, etc.

Steel carpentry | We manufacture all
types of steel carpentry, from the light
steel frames, to heavy steel frames.

Light steel frame | Pacific Steel Supplies
uses an Australian kit system that
produces light steel trusses all pre-drilled
by our teams and delivered on site.

All types of roofs are available | gable,
hip end, dutch gable, etc.
Our profiles are all up to cyclone
standards of course.

Heavy steel frames | We stock all sizes
of I beam, UB’s, parallel flange channels
and heavy profile.
Our experienced welding teams are up
to producing all types of steel carpentry
or frames.

Steel profiles and pipes

Pacific Steel Supplies is able to
supply a full range of seamless piping
including, black painted, sand blasted,
galvanized zinc or even stainless steel.
Inside pipe coating for different fuels
is also availble in any thickness

PSS can also supply pipe fittings
including gate and ball valves,
flanges, and concentric and eccentric

C&Z Galvanised sections
Pacific Steel Supplies cold forms
its own high quality purlins for
increased strength and durability.
PSS manufactures all types of purlins
including C (Cee), Z (Zed), or omega in
any thicknesses or size.
Reinforcing bars + mesh

Pacific Steel Supplies offers a full range
of reinforcing steel bars for a variety of
construction needs. Rebar from 6mm
up to 50mm in diameter are available
in either plain or deformed styles.
High quality Reinforcement Steel is
available in traditional black bar as
well as epoxy coating, galvanized zinc
coating, and even stainless steel.
PSS also supplies reinforcing steel
meshes from 3mm up to 16mm

metal fencing products
Pacific Steel Supplies offers a range of
metal, steel, and galvanized fencing

Barb wire | Tie wires (black &
galvanized | High tensile straining
wires | Fence strainers | Galvanized
Chainlink | Powder coated aluminium
fences | Rpound posts and Yposts


Sheet piles + accessories | Hot & Cold
Rolled Sheet Piles | “U” & “Z” Types
Sheet Piles | Hat Type Sheet Piles |
Hat Type Sheet Piles | Hoesch Sheet
Piles | Wide Type Sheet Piles | Web
Type Sheet Piles | Box Type Sheet Piles
| Straight Web Section Sheet Piles |
Combined Wall Section Sheet Piles
| Marine Grade Sheet Piles | Corner
Piles / Joiners / Clutches |

Circular/ hollow piles + castings |
SSAW – Spiral Submerged
Arc Welding pipe pile | LSAW
Longitudinally Submerged Arc
Welding pipe pile | ERW – Electric
Resistance | Welded pipe piles |
Seamless Pipes | Spiral Piles | Beveled
/ Chamfered ends | Protective


Steel Fasteners | Pacific Steel Supplies offers
a wide range of stell fasteners including
galvanized zinc and stainless steel created to
withstand the corrosion effects of the South
Pacific’s high humidity.
Dynabolts, Sleeve Anchors & dyna screws |
Steel self taping screws | Timber & concrete
nails | Roofing screws with cyclone assembly |
All hex head and cup head galvanized bolts |
High tensile bolts | Structural galvanized high
tensile bolts with ISO assembly | High tensile
flange bolts

Tools and Equipment | Pacific Steel Supplies
offers a wide range of steel working tools and
welding equipment.

Welding machines | Welding rods | Aviation
snips | Socket sets | Tap & sets

And everything else you could need for steel
construction or installation.
PSS is also an authorized dealer for unison®
Tools and all the Unison tools we sell have a
lifetime warranty!